How to merge a personal location with a hot spot in eBird

In eBird, you may find that a public hot spot has been created for a location where you already have recorded sightings in a personal location.  The easiest way to reassign your reports from your personal location to the hot spot, is to merge your location into the hot spot.

  1. In eBird, go to the My eBird tab.
  2. Click on the Manage My Locations link on the right.
  3. Find the location you want to merge, and click on the Edit link in that row on the right.
  4. Your location will be shown with a green marker.
  5. Choose the Merge radio button. Any nearby hot spots will be shown with red flame markers.
  6. Click on the hot spot you want to merge your location with. The screen will show how many checklists will be merged (e.g. “Merge 2 checklists with Acton Arboretum”).
  7. Click on the Merge button, and confirm.