New Boxborough Birders Web Site

Goals for the new design:

  • reduced web hosting costs
  • responsive design for viewing on mobile devices
  • theme (design template) that uses image dimensions that work well with photos of birds (square or portrait, rather than wide landscape)
  • showcase member photographers, with photos in the design and in photo galleries

Choices for Themes

  • Adaption (good)
  • Bushwick (good)
  • Imbalance 2 (header image dimensions good)
  • Publish (good header image dimensions)
  • Fiore (good header image, color choices limited, menu problematic)
  • Twenty Twelve (wide header image)
  • Writr (no menu for static pages?)
  • Zoren (wide header image)
  • Responsive (difficult to arrange desktop design)
  • Skylark (wide header image)
  • Expound (wide header image)
  • Sight (wide header image)
  • Skeptical (wide header image)
  • Origin (wide header image)
  • San Kloud (header image wide)
  • Hatch (wide header image)
  • Next Saturday (wide header image)
  • Widely (header image somewhat wide)
  • Ascetica (header image wide)
  • Esquire (no header image)
  • Coraline (current theme on old site, wide header image)

Notes about header image size: “While you can crop images to your liking after clicking Add new image, your theme recommends a header size of 345 × 240 pixels.”

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