About Boxborough Birders

Boxborough Birders is an enthusiastic group of bird watchers from Boxborough, Massachusetts and nearby towns, including Acton, Harvard, Stow, and Littleton. The group focuses primarily on local “patches” (habitats) in studying and learning about resident and migratory bird species.

The group organizes walks throughout the year, especially during spring and fall migration, and members post their observations (and often photos) from each scheduled walk to eBird as well as shares lists with group members via the Boxborough Birders Google group. In the winter, Boxborough Birders participate in the annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count as part of the Concord circle.

New members are welcome. To join: click https://groups.google.com/d/forum/boxboroughbirders.

Contact us at boxboroughbirders@gmail.com.

You can also like us on Facebook to learn about upcoming trips and recent sightings.


In 2004, Rita Gibes Grossman organized Boxborough Birders as a spring and fall migration endeavor as she was most interested in identifying local species. She also was interested in finding others who shared her passion for birds. The initial idea that she start a birding group was suggested by Norm Hanover at a Boxborough Conservation Commission meeting in late 2003. His comment, though unrelated to the agenda item under discussion, took root and led to Rita beginning to build an email list, and eventually creating a Google group. After eight years of organizing and leading many walks, Rita scheduled the first formal meeting in early 2012 to expand leadership and firmly establish and grow Boxborough Birders. A core group of experienced and willing birders now regularly plan and lead walks and summarize their sightings. Peter Norton designed the Boxborough Birders website in 2013. This is an all-volunteer effort.

Steering Committee

  • Rita Grossman
  • Valerie Burdette
  • Scott Dresser
  • Becky Harris
  • Liz Markiewicz
  • Dustin Neild
  • Peter Norton
  • Sandy Oxley
  • Charlotte Russell
  • Al Sgroi

Code of Conduct and Birding Ethics

Email Guidelines