Email Guidelines

We all get lots of email and we’d like to keep the Boxborough Birders email group focused. Keep these guidelines in mind when you are preparing to send an email to the group.

  • Please keep all messages on the topic of birds and birding.
  • Use “Reply All” only when your response will be of interest to the group. If you’re saying something like “Thanks for the interesting article”, just reply to the sender.
  • No direct appeals for money please. It’s OK to notify the group about a fundraising event in general terms as long as it is of interest to birders (such as the birding aspects of the Mass Audubon Bird-a-thon), but don’t use the email list to solicit funds.

If you have non-bird nature sightings, there are other places you can share them, such as iNaturalist and other citizen science projects, or on neighborhood groups like