Reports from Boxborough Birders Trips

Hager Land
April 15, 2018
Walked some of the Hager Land, but specifically focused on the west pond and were treated to morning avian drama. Of the two heron nests remaining from last year’s heronry (3 successful nests), one’s been claimed by a pair of Osprey and one by a pair of Great Blue Herons. The Osprey and Great Blue Herons are not pleased, and, were harassing each other with the Osprey seeming to be the aggressors. (full list)

Barrett’s Mill Farmland
April 14, 2018
Walked the perimeter of the Barrett’s Mill Farmland conservation area in Concord. It was a beautiful, sunny morning. We really got the best part of the day as it turned out as it became cloudy and significantly colder as the day went along. It was fairly quiet there but we had some good views of several species, including field sparrow, pine warbler, bluebird and mocking bird. (full list)

Jenks Land
April 13, 2018
Warm evening. Spring peepers were singing loudly. Not as many woodcock as usual. Heard at least one, probably two males performing courtship display. First “peenting” about 7:35; first flight about 7:55pm. Also saw a muskrat and heard a beaver slap its tail. (full list)

Sargent Memorial Library & Hager Land
April 8, 2018
Walked the periphery past the east wetland, around the north end of the drumlin and along the shore of the west pond to the back of the elementary school for better viewing of the pond and ended at the library parking lot. Cold! Two nests remaining from last year’s heronry of 4 nests (3 active in 2017) with no evidence of nesting. (full list)