2013 Trip Reports


Oxbow National Wildlife Refuge
Sept 8, 2013

Sunday morning at 7 am at Oxbow National Wildlife Refuge, we joined up with a Brookline Bird Club walk. A first-time birder joined the group; she commented that us seasoned birders all had caps on, so she fished in her car to come up with one too. She also noticed we were all wearing pants so she changed from shorts to pants.

First, we heard a gray catbird calling in the parking lot. Next, we walked a short distance up Still River Depot Road where we saw and heard a few more catbirds, as well as many robins, starlings, a couple of common yellowthroats, a red-eyed vireo, and several cedar waxwings that were high in the treetops. Walking up Still River Depot Road is a good thing to keep in mind to do. Then we headed back past the parking area and began walking the Tank Trail where we saw several song sparrows, an American redstart, and heard a yellow-throated vireo singing its unmistakable song. We caught a glimpse of two green herons, counted at least four great blue herons, two belted kingfishers, a solitary sandpiper, among others.

One problem with Oxbow is the artillery noise from Devens, which starts in at around 8 am. The sound of rapid fire can be daunting. But we had an excellent two hours at Oxbow and were wishing we could stay longer. Thank you to our BBC leader for showing us the way.

Littleton Heron Rookery
Mar 30, 2013
At the heronry, there was a lone heron on a nest, an osprey (not on a nest), and quite a few ring-necked ducks.

Rolling Meadows
Mar 30, 2013
Highlights at Rolling Meadows included a brown creeper and a turkey vulture.

Hager Muni Land
Mar 24, 2013
Wood ducks, Red-bellied Woodpecker, winter wren