Sharing eBird Sightings

These instructions are for anyone who wants to share eBird sightings with others, but especially for Boxborough Birders Group trip leaders.

eBird Checklist Tools

eBird Checklist Tools

You’ve just had a great morning of birding, posted your list on eBird, and now you want to tell everyone about the exciting birds you saw, but the options can be confusing.  After you submit your sightings to eBird, there will be some options under the Checklist Tools menu at the upper right. There are two ways to send your sightings to others, depending on whether they were with you on the trip and whether they use eBird, and you want to make sure you choose the correct option for what you want to do.

Share w/Others in Your Party 

Do not use the Share w/Others option to send your sightings to the entire Boxborough Birders Group. Use it only to share the list with people who were there with you on the trip. (Or more precisely, use it only to send to people who were with you, and use eBird, and whose email address you know.)  If you try to share an eBird list with someone who does not use eBird, they will not be able to see the list at all.

Email Yourself

For everyone else, the best way to go is to use the Email Yourself button to send the list to yourself first. Then you can forward the email to the entire group and they will be able to read it.